The now market pressure forces the enterprise to build up a close relationship with customers. To have a good communication and follow up process between the Sales Team and customers is a must.

Only has the establishment whole to all commercial use the IT system structure, can form the strategic advantage, can determine the enterprise the breach. This kind of new system structure takes three structures standards as the foundation customer relations management system management system.

  • iCRMWEB.COM is one kind of beneficial relations which between the company and the customer establishes.
  • iCRMWEB.COM rallies the customer organizational structure the convenient method and the basic structure.
  • iCRMWEB.COM will be about the idea, the organization and the technical foundation, thus all services process will revolve the system which each different customer demand will carry on.

iCRMWEB.COM customer relations management (CRM) acts as a web-based system, it can be easily controlled at Internet Explorer, and will facilitate the daily business management.

Our aims are:

  • Through the excellent Follow Up System can enhance the market sale process for the customers
  • Carries on communication automation processing with the customer would satisfy the customer's request